Ripcord Defiance of Power LP

Straight forward thrash with simple three chord riffs, rapid fire drum beats, loud bass, and harsh vocals, all which is put together at 100 MPH with a stop and go structure. This makes for 15 aggressively enjoyable songs, with the nice added touch of diverse lyrics which deal with subjects from farting and skateboarding to war and vivisection. Good stuff.

Ripcord The Damage is Done flexi EP

This is a nine-song 7″ of pretty raging thrash and hard-edged punk. The drumming is mixed kind of weird so it sounds a little tinny at times, but otherwise this band delivers short, fast blasts of anger with early DISCHARGE-like ferocity.

Ripcord In Search of a Future cassette

Stop-and-go thrash at its finest. Nine tight tunes blast forward with such a strong amount of energy, your ears will be left in amazement. In many ways, the music might come off as very basic, but if you’re a crash and bang fan, this tape will not leave you disappointed.