The Iguanas


The Iguanas Living in a Vacuum / Night of the Iguana 7″

This is the second record by the IGUANAS who were also on the Fresh Sounds Compilation #3. And again they bring out the heavy sound of the early STOOGES into the eighties. Sometimes the singer slips into a SISTERS OF MERCY tone, but that can be forgiven for the simple grunge that’s accomplished. One of the neatest records I’ve heard this year.

The Iguanas The Only Sound cassette

They say they’re one of the best bands in America. Well, I can honestly say they’re the kind of band you’d like to have in your scene. They straddle the line of sludge/garage music and weird spazz sounds. Kind of like having IGGY sing with the BIRTHDAY PARTY in the bad part of town, during a thunderstorm, without a decent PA and not enough beer. You get the picture.