S.H.Draumur Itch cassette

As featured recently in MRR, this Icelandic band plays a somewhat energetic brand of post-punk, though it’s somewhat restrained. The sound quality here is decent though thin, but given the lack of availability of their native recordings, collectors of the unusual might want to check this out.

S.H.Draumur BensÁ­n SkrÁ­msliÁ° SkrÁ­Á°ur 10″

This four-song release is well produced, featuring medium/slow-paced moody post-punk. There’s a decent amount of power, but the excitement level never quite boils. Also, given the language barrier, a lot is lost in this music where you can hear the singing so clearly, and where, I’m sure, the lyrics set the whole mood.

S.H.Draumur Listir MeÁ° Orma cassette

Garage-quality recordings don’t really add much charm to post-punk bands, but this guitar-bass-drum trio still manages to carry their particular form of expression across. They fare best on the “rockier” numbers, which remind me of BLURT without a sax; the slow, “painful” songs are less appealing.