Civilised Society?


Civilised Society? Violence Sucks! LP

Musically, this is a big change from their first LP. Their sound is now in a crunching METALLICA vein, heavy on the power, while still maintaining their intelligent lyrical outlook. Although I like this album, I was expecting a little more creativity from these guys and girl, rather than the pedestrian speedmetal fare.

Civilised Society? Scrap Metal LP

This powerful and interesting English band plays pounding, mid-tempo music with catchy riffs, loud drums, and a great combination of male/female vocals. All together, this record has a lot of the same qualities as Holland’s FUNERAL ORATION. Lyrically, it’s also right on cue.

Civilised Society? Who Would Have Thought… cassette

This great new English band punks forth some outrageous harmonies with nice musical compositions and crafty guitar work. Male and female vocals add nice touches with the changing paces. So much like the original INSTIGATORS, it’s uncanny. Fab stuff!!