Black Uniforms


Black Uniforms Straight Edge My Ass… CD

BLACK UNIFORMS were a Swedish hardcore band during the golden age of such music. With members serving time in MODERAT LIKVIDATION, the BRISTLES, and later in ANTI-CIMEX and DRILLER KILLER, BLACK UNIFORMS seem to have been a bit overlooked in comparison, but this rips. This particular release is a compilation of records from 1986–1990. This is pure, thrashing hardcore with lots of metal influence—even down to the acoustic intros and stuff! Reminds me a lot of F.O.A.D./Trader in Death-era BROKEN BONES at times. Holds up really well in my opinion. Definitely worth a shot if you like your hardcore with a healthy slathering of thrash metal bombast.

Black Uniforms Splatter Punx on Acid CD reissue

OMG, I almost typed ”Splatter Punks”… This is thrashing, metal-soloed Swedish D-beat by the ultimate Splatter PUNX! On Acid, apparently, because there are plenty of bizarrely psychedelic moments, Motör-charged punk’n’roll, leather-reeking anthemic riffs, and obscured samples—BLACK UNIFORMS always play with a grandiose Swedish vocal power, recalling parts CONFLICT in conviction and lyrical content, parts KAFKA PROSESS, parts SODOM. Get this CD and Faces of Death if your heart beats punk vitriol but your breath smells like greasy metal!

Black Uniforms Faces of Death CD

Splattering metal punk from the Scandinavian hive of hardcore: Malmö, Sweden. BLACK UNIFORMS play motörcharged D-beat raw punk for all the moonlight rambling crashers. You get G-ZET, INEPSY, NAILBITER, and DIS-BONES style bammers, and heck, it even sounds like AMEBIX at times. This CD has both the original 1989 version of Faces of Death and the 2001 remastering. You know you want it!