Spermbirds Get on the Stage / My Brother 7″

A good showing by this West German act. The A side is a catchy mid tempo basher with good lyrics and powerful guitars, while the B side alternates between thrashy and reggae. Hot stuff.

Spermbirds Something to Prove LP

Hard to believe this band is German. The music sounds like ANGRY SAMOANS, the vocals are U.S. style snotty punk (the singer is actually an American ex-G.I.), the lyrics are sarcastic SoCal-type, but instead of sun-baked retard we get some genuine insight. Hot as hell!!

Spermbirds / Walter 11 split EP

These two bands are actually fairly much the same band, but with divergent styles. SPERMBIRDS indulge in an upbeat hardcore style with hilarious lyrics, while their alter-ego boasts a totally winning pop-punk approach, especially on “Kaiserslautern.” A very good record, and look forward to more.