Cólera Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo LP reissue

Legends CÁ”LERA started in 1979 and are one of the most iconic punk bands to come out of a post-dictatorial Brazil. They were one the first Brazilian punk bands to tour Europe and sold 85,000 copies of their second album Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo when it was first released through Ataque Frontal Records, making it the second best-selling independent punk record in Brazil, only being outdone by GAROTOS PODRES’ Mais Podres do que Nunca. This is class struggle turned into the sound of punk rock: the lyrics are sharp as a razor and work so well because they are sung in Portuguese, which makes them stand out with very notable themes for their time and their place like ecology, pacifism, and anti-militarism. This is a great introductory record if you want to get into the scene that spawned the greats like OLHO SECO, RATOS DE PORÁO, and MERCENARIAS. “Paz é algo pelo que se luta!

Cólera Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo LP

COLERA fans won’t be disappointed with this one. This album has more of that uncompromising, Finnish-style thrash in a style very similar to vintage APPENDIX. While I would have preferred a little more guitar (the approach of fellow Brazilians, RATOS DE PORAO), this is still a very good release—and I appreciated the translated lyrics, too.

Cólera Tente Mudar O Amanhã LP

Hey, a good sounding recording from Brazil! Ataque Frontal Records is kicking off their label with 20 hot, tuneful thrash and fast punk numbers by this excellent band. Really cool bass and tight instrumental playing are prime features here, so pick this one up. From the makers of Alerta Punk zine.

Cólera cassette

A very “noisy” tape, as production facilities in the Third World appear to suffer as much as the people. CÁ”LERA are a very bass-heavy band with lots of buzzing guitar and clear vocals—even I can understand some of the Portuguese. Most tracks here are in the mid- to fast-paced punk style, and they have strong political lyrics.