Clown Alley


Clown Alley Circus of Chaos LP

Much more metallic than their demo. CLOWN ALLEY now sounds like a cross between METALLICA and C.O.C., with lyrics that range from topical to abstract. Powerful production, nice packaging, not much guitar wanking. I dig this!

Clown Alley Clown Alley cassette

A seven-song release from this up-and-coming SF band, most of which are thrash. There’s a heaviness to their sound, which becomes even more apparent on the two slower numbers, powerful post-punk dirges. Dave (ex-JERRY’S KIDZ from Albuquerque) sounds good, and the band is tight and strong, though I think the super-clean production here detracts a bit from their normally noise-intense live performance standard. A band to watch.