Heresy Thanks! EP

Totally insane searing thrash with metal influences and thoughtful words which reveal intelligence and integrity, rejecting rockstar-ism, competition, mindless stupidity, etc. An incredible EP by one of Britain’s finest bands. Thank you, HERESY!!

Heresy / Concrete Sox split LP

HERESY’S side rips out six ultra-thrashers that have a slight metal edge to them, which is overpowered by the sheer force that each song holds. The flipside has five songs by CONCRETE SOX which have a way more metal feel to it due to the guitar riffs; it’s still powerful and rock, though.

Heresy Never Healed flexi EP

The new gods of speedcore thrash on a double-sided flexi, pushing six choice tracks into your lungs, but not letting you exhale. Rapid chaos gone berserk with thousand-MPH riffs and lightning-fast exertion. To say it all, this boils to the brink. And for $1.

Heresy Never Healed cassette

Formerly PLASMID, this band drives to sheer quickness of distortion and abrasive thrash. The combination of DISORDER meets WHITE CROSS is how this band sounds, and at that level, your eyes will pop out since this rips. This will be the next cult band. Forget DRI. Here’s HERESY. ’Nuff said.