Dead Silence


Dead Silence Beginning of the End LP

Straightforward punk and hardcore with well-thought-out, intelligent, caring lyrics dealing with ignorance, oppression, and the destruction of various subcultures. Their honesty and sincerity, as shown by their cool lyric book, makes this worthwhile.

Dead Silence Stress LP

Driving, angry mid-tempo punk with rhythmic, distorted, upbeat sounds blended with good sing-alongs and politically minded lyrics. Several treats show up on this, as some memorable basic guitar and vocal arrangements make a very loud release from this band that does not live up to their name.

Dead Silence Stress LP

A band whose lyrics matter a lot, who have put on benefits to back up their beliefs, and who rock hard as well. Really cool fast, grungy punk with tough committed vocals. Neat fuzz guitar fits well with thrash, too. Excellent, exciting debut.