Electro Hippies / Generic Play Loud or Not At All split LP

GENERIC mines a punk vein with an informal style not unlike a thrashy APOSTLES, with occasional lapses into poetry and folk. ELECTRO-HIPPIES, however, deliver an ultra-distorted HC/thrash variant that hits and misses. Two interesting bands, both highly credible from a lyric point of view.

Generic For a Free and Liberated South Africa EP

An intensely politically motivated record whose message is augmented by information on the sleeve and in the lyrics. The five songs are made up of a high-speed pounding thrash and harsh, gravel-voiced vocals. All in all, worth looking into. Shreds.

Generic Join the Conspiracy cassette

Wall-to-wall, highly produced, powerfully delivered, and tightly played stop-and-go thrash. That sound generic enough? Nonetheless, these guys are good, do feature almost post-punk guitar work at times plus the tape comes with mini-zine Rancid Humanity.