Lärm Untalented After All These Years cassette

Christian hard rock not unlike STRYP…oops, wrong tape! No way, these loonies play the more urgent, frantic thrash, it’s insane. 72 songs in 60 minutes. DRI, eat your heart out.

Lärm Straight on View LP

Thirty-six songs, half-live/half-studio of this hard-hitting Dutch band. Very politically aware and idealistic, their beliefs translate into raging, noisy outbursts. We in the U.S. may get a chance to see them live this summer, so buy this slab and help em get over here.

Lärm No One Can Be That Dumb EP

Holland’s version of a young DRI. This band whips out 16 simple generic thrashers on this one. Strong vocals are the center of the music, and an undistinctive guitar sound relies too much on distortion for the frantic riffs and stop-and-go songs.