A State of Mind


A State of Mind / Chumbawamba We Are the World? split EP

A split 7″ by England’s CHUMBAWAMBA and America’s A STATE OF MIND. The latter’s two tunes vary between melodic parts and punk rushes, all in an English anarchist vein with heartfelt political lyrics. CHUMBAWAMBA, too, deals with subjects of war/fear and state control, and musically, similarly, rave yet intersperse with “pretty” aspects. Comes with an incredible amount of info/opinion. Get this!

A State of Mind What’s the Difference? Animal/Humyn Exploitation EP

Set to folk music anarchist punk, or weird post-punk, we’re assaulted with pleas, information, and harangues about the abuses to both the human species and animalkind. Can’t say I’m attracted to the tunes but those who are adventurous musically or inquisitive/passionate about the subject matter will be rewarded.

Liberté? / A State of Mind Don’t Vote… Subvert split flexi

A five-song statement on the drawbacks of participating in what they consider to be the farce of electoral politics. It includes chants, rap, funk, poetry, and thrash, all performed with gusto by a variety of shifting personnel, an arrangement which epitomizes their anarchist approach. Unique and timely.