Massacre Tuho EP

Gritting Finnish hardcore with a raw edge. More heavy power than thrash, with whining background guitars and lots of crackly distortion. More of an English sound, but the prominent Finnish vocals are the high of the mix, with pounding drums and cranked guitars in the distance. Good stuff; a good recording could help this one. Still, the effort has the possible thrust needed.

Sekaannus / Massacre split EP

Vigorous Finnish thrash strikes again! SEKAANNUS storm out with a firing presto-paced assailment of tumultuous melodies, as the vocalist snarls out cries and wails in the tradition of TERVEET KÄDET’s Läjä. Brisk activity with plucking bass clamor provide this onslaught with a sound influenced by a combination of T.K. and RATTUS. MASSACRE’s compelling momentum blares out some potent dashes of powerful force, a harder approach with swift twists.