Outo 正直者は馬鹿を見る LP

A real powerhouse band and album. Non-stop quality thrash, great sounds, and even hooks and choruses. Guitar gets out front a few times, but it’s restrained and the overall band sound is maintained. With titles like “Lost of Words” and “Not Worth Dawn” (they do mean “damn”) you can’t go wrong. Killer.

Outo Half Wit Life EP

A supreme invasion of grinding feedback rammed with chunky distortion from the Osaka havoc masters of Japan. This fabulous second release thrusts all the chaos into a noisy thrasherpiece as the thrills are non-stop pushing the ears thru the glass and ripping the skull to shreds. Deep, raw non-hesitant jumps into the speed realm of ultramania.

Outo Many Question Poison Answer EP

Graunched out growlings that spit out the tonsils are the focus of this Japanese power unit that pours out the distortion and whining feedback. Speed and chaos in the vein of DISORDER/CHAOS UK, with thumping bass ferocity that will erupt your senses with this intense barrage. OUTO has a pile-driving, no-holds-barred approach to chaotic madness, your ears will never be the same.