Civil Dissident


Civil Dissident First Blood EP

Despite the fact that me and Pus both listed this on our Top 15’s months ago, we failed to review this killer three-song EP. Sharp, audible vocals that attack hard drugs (among other things) are driven by raw, powerful, but somehow melodic raging hardcore. Lots of anger and frustration here, but tempered by intelligence. Excellent, and a shame they split.

Civil Dissident Fourth Rate American Thrash

Impregnated by an orgy of thrash from across the world, Australia shoves forth one of its first high-speed rocketing barrages in the form of CIVIL DISSIDENT. Wild, uncontrolled quickness charges into a screaming fracas of blaring guitars and brawling drum snacks, stinging sharply with missiling vocals and catapulting this nitro-packed projectile head-on to chaotic dilapidation. This rates up there with the current crop of torpedoing intensity that fills this brain’s excitement.