Chronic Disorder


Chronic Disorder Blithering Idiots LP

Still another progression for this interesting Connecticut band. Several loose, spirited thrashers (like the catchy original, “Summertime Blues”) vie for one’s attention along with mid-tempo numbers reminiscent of a rawer HÜSKER DÜ. Songwriting is inconsistent here, and their hallmark intensity and humor are in short supply. Still, it’s an original effort.

Chronic Disorder Chronic Disorder LP

Finally an LP full of raw CHRONIC DISORDER melodies. But these guys are only making 300 copies. Fast and fluid, yet not thrash, with a STIFF LITTLE FINGERS feel to it. Something went wrong on the mixing board, so the recording lacks, but the effort is really there. Good luck with this one.

Chronic Disorder Fred EP

Perhaps not as continuously energetic as their fabulous debut EP, but CHRONIC DISORDER still manages to connect with some impassioned thrashers like “Eileen’s” and “I See Red.” My favorite, however, is a whacked-out send-up of JOY DIVISION’s “Isolation” (“Point/Counterpoint”), that shows this band to be quite versatile indeed.