Funeral Oration


Funeral Oration Funeration Oration LP

This new one, with a new guitar player, has a rich, pop-ish feel that the last few missed. But this polish and melody doesn’t mask the catchy hooks and rhythms these guys are capable of. Maybe it is the vocalist, but this reminds me a little of early GANG OF FOUR.

Funeral Oration Survival EP

Although the band has reformed and has had some line-up changes, their patented power sound comes across as strong as ever with the release of these four songs. Combined melodies and loud thrash come forth with harmonizing vocals and straight-forwards lyrics, all making up this band’s creative sound.

Funeral Oration Communion LP

The second tasty release from Holland’s FUNERAL ORATION. This one features guitarist extraordinaire Tos N., who adds some distinctive frills and textures to the band’s already shredding sound. Most of the material here combines HÜSKER DÜ-style instrumental density and vocals with the traditionally powerful Dutch thrash approach, and the results are stunning. Add to that a couple of plaintive ’60s-tinged cuts (like “Dayfall”), and you’ve got an LP that will be on your turntable a lot.

Funeral Oration Shadowland 12″

An exceptional record that features rapidly paced power punches on one side, while the other has an approach with raw, haunting harmonies. Side A contains an odd mixture of vocals/instrumentation that works well, especially for audience participation; both lyrically and structurally, the songs are intelligently written. Side B shows the versatility of FUNERAL ORATION’s show, screaming post-punk moods. Fun Dutch music for an exciting listen.

Funeral Oration There’s Nothing Left To Laugh About cassette

Tremendous explosions of maniac proportions that blisters as it smiles in triumph. Titanic nitro charges of frizzling speed and determined spunk packed by well-written lyrics snorted out in a raging fury. This entire effort reminds me of the NEOS. It is irresistible and crude, as it devastates with hammering force. A band that should not go unnoticed by compilers around the globe.