The Bristles


The Bristles Boys Will Be Boys EP

While hardly up to the standard of their fine debut EP, these four skunk-style anthems definitely grow on you. The standout here may be “1984 Reality Today,” with its pop-reggae to punk change of pace, but the thrashing title track also packs a real wallop.

The Bristles Ban the Punkshops cassette

This tape isn’t up to the quality of their Don’t Give Up EP, since it lacks a bit in the production power and the vocal choruses aren’t quite as tight. They do a strangely British form of thrash with lyrics in English and cool chants. A new EP is on the way.

The Bristles Ban the Punkshops cassette

Mix some skunky melodies with abrasive Swedish thrash and you end up with the BRISTLES, who continue to produce high-powered potential mind bombs. Their latest tape release is a step up from their debut EP, all the way around. Storming out the maniac mayhem with blitzing guitar distortion and lots of boisterous activity, whether chanting or slowing down the speedy pace, this fires a full round of quaking thrash. “Don’t Care About Me” is a quick laugh riot.