Laughin’ Nose


Laughin’ Nose Laughin’ Nose LP

This group sticks to their early punk roots, relying on pop melodies, heavy on the high production vocals and mix (a bit too much so), and simple, catchy tunes. It can wear thin, but is an OK change of pace. Especially liked “Broken Generation.”

Laughin’ Nose Never Trust Women EP

The Japanese version of the TOY DOLLS? This band puts forth four long, repetitious pop-punk fun songs. Almost too cute and too fun, the songs just seem to go on forever and really lack that extra punch. The exception is “No More War”—which is harsher and stronger (and also the only serious song here).

Laughin’ Nose Get the Glory / I Can’t Trust a Woman 7″

This band should rule the world. They let other idiots do it, and LAUGHIN’ NOSE are much funnier. This band make the TOY DOLLS seem like the merry-go-round compared to the intense coaster. LAUGHIN’ NOSE is jovial, funny, and the lyrics will keep you rolling. Both these songs were on the Hardcore Unlawful Assembly comp LP, yet are still classics and worthy of any collection. No, this isn’t thrash, but hilarious antics in the DICKIES’ vein. Great!

Laughin’ Nose Laughin’ Nose LP

With thanks given to DISORDER and CHAOS UK, and an attitude lyrically not unlike CHAOTIC DISCHORD, you can get the general idea of where they’re coming from. Their punk and thrash is tight, well-produced, but not especially dynamic.