Confuse Contempt For the Authority and Take Off the Lie EP

The DISORDER sound is again successfully filtered through a uniquely Japanese sensibility on this energetic, crunching 4-tracker. Every track here is fueled by the same manic power, backed by raw guitars and vocals, making CONFUSE one of the best outfits in Japan. Total ace!!

Confuse Contempt for the Authority and Take Off the Lie EP

The number one pick of all the Japanese mayhem depth-charge bands, this group stops at nothing to deliver the finest in roaring chaos and unrelenting speed. This is their second release and the buzzsawing guitar sounds grind with a feverous smile as a booming drum-blast sounds the alarm. Rips the flesh off your face with sonic overture. Great.

Confuse Nuclear Addicts flexi EP

A lethal brainbomb. Pack the ferocious chaotic attack of CHAOS UK and DISORDER, and plunge it headlong into the grinding speedcore of GISM, and you have CONFUSE. Hungry havoc runs amok with fast drumming and raw grinding guitar action, helps this explode into an onslaught of rapid-fire blitzkriegs. A brutal hammering that is intense and great!