AOA / Oi Polloi Unlimited Genocide split LP

On this great Scottish release, AOA sport seven songs centered around a fast thrash sound that is well defined by all the instrumentals; the vocals are shouted and keep up to the music’s pounding pace. OI POLLOI shred out all six songs, all of which are no less than enthusiastically executed — clear, melodic, hard-hitting music. Raging!

AOA / Oi Polloi Unlimited Genocide split LP

A mass exhilaration of fast melodic thrash with a flare for noisy guitars all wrapped up the complete raw package greets you to the latest C.O.R. split effort. Sturdy and lasting with all might, both bands peel off a collision of chaotic riffs. A.O.A. storms wildly at a rapid pace, while OI POLLOI pushes a sonic wave of harmonious velocity, fast and fun.

AOA Who Are They Trying to Con 12″

Gut-piercing guitar ferocity drives this excellent release by A.O.A. to the limit, zooming mayhem with shouts of vocal bellowing. Five songs that deliver well-organized rhythms and arrangements with grinding speed and velocity. Another UK release to capture your mind and hold you captive in sonic ecstasy. Tim, where do you find these excellent bands? On C.O.R., of course!