Franti Luna Nera LP

Nice pulsating beats in a haunting post-punk harmony with eerie sax effects. Female vocals sounding like SIOUXSIE or Anja of X-MAL that creep along with the flowing rhythms. Sharp, distorted guitar sound with a powerful drum mix. Interesting but jazzy goodies from Italy, with similarities to early X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND.

Contrazione / Franti split LP

This is an album shared by two Italian bands. CONTRAZIONE are a raw outfit with a punky instrumental attack, straightforward rocking beats (including a couple of thrashers), an occasional post-punk frill (like the inclusion of a sax in “Nausea”), and incredible male/female vocal interaction. FRANTI cover a variety of musical bases, from punk (“1984″) to SIOUXSIE-like post-punk (“Questa e l’ora”) to sparse, arty numbers (“Io nella notte”).