Extrem Wir Sind So Frei EP

Out of Austria, this band shared an LP a while back, and on their first solo vinyl they deliver six sizzling hardcore tunes. There’s a bit of metal riffing but no solos in their attack, just lots of tight, raging power and political lyrics.

Extrem / Mickeyman Vorheilen Ist Besser Als Beugen split LP

The EXTREM side is extreme! Raucous cycloning mayhem from Austria, enough driving power and insistent quickness to hurl you into a venture of mega-speed craziness. Savage guitar grinds charge out a brutal slaughter of aggression and combustion, crammed into a wild seizure of raw energy. EXTREM escalate with each zooming slice. MICKEYMAN is Austrian reggae done well, and their punk song is basic and humorous. Don’t miss this album—the EXTREM stuff is drastic plastic.