Les Cadavres


Les Cadavres Le Temps Passe, Le Souvenir Reste EP

More well produced mid-tempo punk from LES CADAVRES. Most of the songs here have that chunky skunk feel, but the standout track is “Mort Á  l’avance”, with its accelerated tempo and singalong choruses. Powerful, but not quite as catchy as KIDNAP.

Les Cadavres / Vatican Split 12″

Clean production and sound quality, but the big question is “where is it from?” France, perhaps? LES CADAVRES have a strong style that resembles fast hardcore and the early COCKNEY REJECTS, with its chants, twin guitars, good hard vocals, and an overall good mix. VATICAN is slower and raw, with a driving punch of early punk styles like the SKIDS or GENERATION X. A very interesting effort.