Part 1


Part 1 Pictures of Pain 12″

Slow- to mid-tempo post-punk. Haunting and flowing mood music bordering on gothic, but not as trite. Weaving but simple melodies. The title-track is the star by far. If you’ve been following the bountiful post-punk bands from the East Coast, you’ll love these Brits.

Part 1 Funeral Parade EP

The realm of death. Frenzied punk creative guitar feedback frightfully shrills terror and morose. Echoing drums pound shimmering insanity, evil. Haunting vocals taunt vivid lyrical descriptions of fear, anti-God, and anti-system. True music to reality’s horror show. Sullenly slower but poses the same brilliance as RUDIMENTARY PENI. Psychotic fold-out cover art is exceptional. Worth your interest.