Slam End of Laughter LP

Out of the 15 mid-tempo punk songs here, most are made up of delicate guitar leads, simple drum beats, and droning vocals that lean toward the dark side. Maybe the songs are too long, maybe the band doesn’t live up to their name, but this slab just doesn’t stand out.

Slam Tragedies! 7″

This Swedish combo fails to enliven their mid-tempo punk format on their latest single. “Tragedy” is an uneventful ditty with lackluster hooks, and the flip sadly rates only as a mishmash of bad production and songwriting. SLAM has done much better than this.

Slam Welcome Home EP

A live EP of SLAM cranking out those strong rhythms with effective arrangements and variations. The vocals are extremely raw with a definite deep edge, as the band hits some fast chords, but sticks close to some creative licks. The live mix is not bad, and the energy is very high. A Swedish band with their own distinct style, and good at it.

Slam Ingens Slav LP

SLAM’s first album is a self-produced release limited to 500 copies, with silk-screened covers made by the band. The music has a forceful presence that captivates as it catapults out impressive rhythms. Twin guitars electrify and head-bopping drum splashes keep a pace that puts the control of the ensemble in high-velocity zest-appeal. Not a thrash record, but a musical bonanza of headlong excitement.