Compos Mentis / Powerage split EP

C.M. are from New Zealand, play fast punk a la 78 on three tunes, all of which are socio-political attacks. You probably are aware that POWERAGE comes from South Africa (4 EPs out), and play highly political punk. The new drummer here wasn’t broken in when the recording took place, and it shows painfully.

Powerage The Last Dove EP

This South Africa band makes another political stand that shows real courage, but the music here is the best POWERAGE has yet committed to vinyl. Simple, urgent HC with a rich guitar sound is the style — and it’s that combination of power and credibility that makes this a winner. Very strong!

Powerage World Today / Waiting for the War 7″

It’s great to see this white South African anti-apartheid band still expressing themselves in the face of extreme repression. Both songs here are mid to slow-tempo jobs, one with a one-sided anti-Russian attack, the other dealing with the nuclear fear. Sad to see Rubin Rose out of the band.

Powerage Protest to Survive EP

Good raw punk, strong and political from South Africa. Comes with a sharp info sheet with addresses in SA. A variety of styles on this four-song EP, from fast to slow. Not what you would have expected, but worth your interest.

Powerage World War III? / Vengeance of Youth 7″

Another release from South Africa! Like their fellow citizens RIOT SQUAD, POWER AGE plays mid-tempo older-style punk rock. They have a real chunky, bass-heavy attack and snarling vocals, but the most unusual thing about them is their appearance in the land controlled by the super-secret neo-fascist Broederbond.