Legion of Parasites


Legion of Parasites Prison of Life LP

Just got this off Sean and does it wail. Great energetic thrash with an American flavor. Well thought-out speed attacks that thrust blazing instrumentals with feverous havoc, still comprehensible with wild screeching vocals. Head-bopping fury continues the pace with nice sing-alongs and interesting leads, it shows you what can be created when a scene falls apart and the music gets more enthusiastic. A great UK release—this could be the UK comeback!

Legion of Parasites Undesirable Guests 12″

A ripping new English thrash release (except for one slower sing-along called “Savages”) with hot production, flailing guitars, and accelerated tempos. The vocals are in the more traditional Britpunk vein and the stuttering drumming occasionally doesn’t mesh, but it’s a bloody good record anyway. The “No!” choruses make “Eroded Freedom” a mini-classic.