Mobs Gypsy on Journey EP

The thoroughly glammed-out band photos on the pic sleeve was fair warning on this one. Three songs in a metal-punkish vein, interrupted by dreary Japanese lead breaks and lame sung vocals– and close to zilch in the way of cool songs. Too bad.

Mobs Projection of Astral Body EP

This Japanese punk ensemble has done a bit of changing since the last release. Toned down, but musically better, MOBS have added a creeping, harmonious flavor to the distinct sound, yet still keeping the pace active and alive. A cult release, but heading towards Japanese positive punk. Interesting.

Mobs Diabolism EP

Japanese speedcore with a low-end recording. Scratchy growls are ever-present, with whiny guitars and deep bass plucks. MOBS’ style of thrash is in the GISM/ZOUO form, really spits out the distortion of the prominent sound. Fast, gritty, and abrasively intense, this six-song EP really charges the chaotic crunch. Another of the monster vocal hits.