Deformed Blind Faith EP

Grinding, spooky stuff with a heavy drum beat that is haunting in its abrasive persuasion. Combines the flavors of AMEBIX and 1919, for which you get a dark, thrusting sound. Eerie, sinister, the DEFORMED raise three cryptic melodies from the depths, using many effects to full advantage. A creepy delight and a band to take notice of.

No Brain Cells / Deformed split cassette

Two regional English bands split a tape here, and they couldn’t be more different. DEFORMED’s recording is a studio demo, and their sound is “death punk,” cleanly executed (get it?), and effective. NO BRAIN CELLS do 30-second thrash numbers, and it’s a live tape that fades in and out (at least on my cheapo machine). It’s good to see such varied punk bands be able to cooperate though.