Chaotic Dischord


Chaotic Dischord Goat Fuckin Virgin Killerz From Hell LP

Goofy humor is the appeal of this LP from CHAOTIC DISCHORD, who use a UK thrash style to cover topics like nasal sex, beer as a metaphor for life, random destruction, and nail bombs. No lyric sheet, but the music ranges from okay to very good, especially on “Vibrator Up Your Nose.”

Chaotic Dischord Live in New York LP

Fucking egg, were you at that gig? Fucking 50,000 bleeding punks jammed into Madison Square Garden for this one-time performance. A wall of sound, the punks cheered and clapped all night, giant thrash circles, the pit, it was fuckin’! VAN HALEN was the opening act. But when CHAOTIC DISCHORD came on stage, the crowd went fucking apeshit. If you’re gullible enough to believe this fucking mess, then those thrashing CHAOTICs wanked a joke on you. Oh yeah, say “fuck” every other word. The best fucking novelty fucking thrash fucking album yet.

Chaotic Dischord Fuck Off You Cunt! LP

A very powerfully recorded album that’s got plenty of that CHAOTIC DISCHORD zip to it. It features still more of the humorous, idiotic subject matter we’ve come to expect form this send-up thrash band, and they leave us with these pearls of wisdom: “You’ve Got to Be Obscene to Be Heard.” Slap those knees!

Chaotic Dischord Don’t Throw It All Away 12″

I’ve changed my mind about the value of this band about ten times, so I’ve decided to give up trying to figure them out and just let myself enjoy their powerful and funny music. This 12″ may well be their best release yet. Side 1 has some terrific ’77 punk parodies and some famous guest punks (KNOX, CAPTAIN SEN*I*LE), whereas the flip has more of their roaring, satirical thrashers. Great fun.

Chaotic Dischord Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You! LP

Enough is enough! Entertaining scams soon run out of mileage when people see through them and the perpetrators make no effort to compensate by producing something of real value. Such is the case with CHAOTIC DISCHORD, who’d dearly love to get rich off satirizing thrash. The music is hot but unoriginal, and the themes are in the idiotic ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE vein. I say stuff these jokers along with Beki.

Chaotic Dischord Never Trust a Friend EP

Rough-arsed ruckus of rambunctious chaos, ear piercing and boiling feverishly as it hammers bellicose grinding commotional attacks. If this is what VICE SQUAD does without Beki as a way to burn their mates, then flush Beki and continue with this explosive mayhem.

Chaotic Dischord Fuck the World EP

CHAOTIC DISCHORD have fortunately stepped into the vacuum created by the demise of DISORDER, thereby showing that the English are capable of producing first-class thrash punk if they decide to. All these tracks are monstrously raw, and “Sold Out to the GPO” may even be too fast.