Samhain November Coming Fire LP

The horror continues and in a fine way as SAMHAIN’s third release really paves the way for this unique harmonious outfit of creeping pleasure. Danzig vocals are in fine form, and there is a slight MISFITS aura here. The pace is even good tempos, and sing-alongs ever present—this disc really grows on you.

Samhain Unholy Passion 12″

This one’s kinda frustrating. Danzig and crew still manage to put that wonderful frantic MISFIT yelp on “All Hell” and “Hungry End.” But it seems like they’re too comfortable. I’d really like to see them hook up with a new producer who would give them more of a challenge in the studio. Still great, but the possibilities make you want more.

Samhain Initium LP

Despite the fact that my copy sounds like it was pressed on emery board, I have nothing but glowing adulation for this effort. Glen Danzig’s world-view as a butchershop cum comic book cruises us hot rails to hell in swirling but occasionally uneven production. His forceful crooning is as spine-tingling as ever, and the mid-tempo attack is ever so refreshing for this aging beefbag.