War of Destruction


War of Destruction Angst LP

This is a legitimate shock. WAR OF DESTRUCTION, of course, were one of the earliest and best Danish hardcore bands, solidifying their place in the pantheon of European hardcore with the release of their self-titled EP in 1983. This EP is all new material, recorded in 2017, and get this: it fucking rips! Seriously, this is so much better than almost any similar new recording from an ’80s hardcore band with original members that it’s mind blowing! One song passes the 2:30 mark, everything is fucking fast, pissed, and super energetic, the vocals are vicious, the riffs are just as good as they were back in the day, the drumming is better than it ever was and some of these songs are as good or better than their ’80s stuff! Fellow punx, I implore you: ignore the shit graphic design and skepticism that naturally follows when you see an old school band’s new material. This is legitimately one of the best new records of the year.

War of Destruction De Dødes Hvisken LP

The savage thrash of WAR OF DESTRUCTION blends a harsh vocal blast with an overall quick-paced ensemble of drum splashings and that unique barking guitar wail, which makes this the best release to come out of Denmark in a long time. Good production gives a fluid bolting feel, as the beginning track “Outro” starts the fire burining! Has a funny version of “Birthday” which is a complete offshoot from the rest of this scorcher! Great stuff.

War of Destruction Nazisvin EP

Mind-boggling growls of speedy Danish hardcore. WAR OF DESTRUCTION hit hard with a swirling rapid barrage that claws forth high, grinding vocals, abrasive guitar, and slashing cymbal splashes. This debut vinyl offering shows an inspiring promise of cranking aggression and quick sonic blasts, the type of sound that has made current Finnish, Swedish, and Dutch hardcore so earth-shattering. Put a check by this one.