Minor Threat


Minor Threat Out of Step Outtakes EP

Oh boy! When I heard about this release, I was beyond excited, and rightfully so. Who knew that MINOR THREAT—who obviously need no introduction—had any more unreleased material? Well, these recently rediscovered session outtakes from the landmark Out of Step EP answer that question (…motherfuckers!). Having recently expanded from a quartet to a quintet, “In My Eyes” and “Filler” (along with “Out of Step” on the actual record) are re-recorded here to see how the new lineup sounds on older material. Steve Hansgen is an amazing bass player, and his presence bumps the band up a notch sonically—hearing him shred up the intros to “In My Eyes” and “Filler” is truly sublime to an ’80s hardcore nerd like myself. The twin-axe attack of Lyle Preslar and previous bassist Brian Baker also works wonders for this band; it’s a real shame Hansgen was kicked out not long after (and, of course, that the band dissolved not long after that). This record also features the full version of “Addams Family,” which appeared in an abridged form on the actual record as the outro to “Cashing In” (and the record itself). The prospect of unreleased MINOR THREAT recordings should be enough to spur any hardcore fan into coughing up some bucks for this but, unsurprisingly, the sheer quality of the performances here make this a must-own.

Minor Threat Salad Days EP

For some reason, listening to this record makes me feel like shit (though it has little or nothing to do with the music itself). It’s just that it reminds me of the not-so-old days when one could feel genuinely enthusiastic and positive about the hardcore scene. Ironically, Ian seems to be dealing with this very issue in the great title cut, which is as bittersweet as it is reflective. The flip songs seem pretty lackluster by comparison, but then screaming at a wall apparently isn’t going to bring the motherfucker down after all.

Minor Threat Out of Step 12″

Exploding turbulence thrusts forth eight new MINOR THREAT proficient arrangements. Increase the velocity of their first two powerful releases, step Brian up to second guitar, add new bassist Steve, and still more potent lyrical blitzes, and this 12″’s non-hesitant progression outbursts into the blazing best Dischord yet. Don’t miss.

Minor Threat In My Eyes EP

Awesome thrash punk from DC. This band has the kind of power and commitment that most groups only dream about. Not only does this blast right off the turntable, but the songs really stand out. One of the two or three best releases of 1981, no doubt about it.

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Minor Threat Interview

MRR: You are the first D.C. band we’ve seen out here. How have you guys found S.F.? Ian: At first it was real weird. The On Broadway show on Friday night I had felt real weird about. It’s a lot different in Washington, or anywhere else we’ve played, for that matter. It seemed real negative […]

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