The Execute


Inferno / The Execute split 12″

The material here is about 1-2 years old, but that shouldn’t deter you from picking this disk up. From Japan comes EXECUTE, a mainstay of the HC scene there. Their tunes appeared on a 7″ there, re-released here in all their powerful glory, with little or no metal damage. INFERNO, from Germany, have a bit more melody but at no loss of power — and again no metal overdose. Hot!

The Execute Criminal Flowers EP

Ramcharging ferocity from Japan. Wild distorted guitar howls, punching out sonic rage, fierce power with scowling vocals. Intense stuff, quick with crazed leads. “Criminal Flowers” features some eerie abrasive melodies with booming front-running beat. EXECUTE hold their own without a repititious cycle. By far my fave Japanese band.