Agent Orange


Agent Orange When You Least Expect It… LP

AGENT ORANGE again clock in with that irresistible ’60s surf-rock sound on this new EP. Two engaging instrumentals spice up the package (“Out of Limits” and “Bite the Hand…”), but the real surprise here is a rockin’ rendition of the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE’s “Somebody to Love,” which AGENT ORANGE make uniquely their own. Solid, catchy, and fun.

Agent Orange VD EP

Holland’s AGENT ORANGE continues to flourish with rambunctious cranks of intense mayhem. Whining guitars leap forth as a savage ensemble engages in sudden rages of rigorous combat. A whirlpool of alarming breakneck speed and forcefulness, especially in blitzing cuts like “Herpes” and “K.K.K.”

Agent Orange Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell… EP

Great thrashed-out noise from Holland, with just the right amount of raunch and sloppiness. The driving music picks you right up and slaps you around the room. There’s a bit of heavy metal damage at the end of “Feminist,” and the extraordinary female vocals are kind of lost in the rush, but this EP is hotter than scalding water. “Nothing” is best described as awesome.