Amebix Monolith LP

This record is on a label called Heavy Metal Records, comes without a lyric sheet, sounds laden, but somehow has a glint of individuality. I had a hard time with the length of the cuts and their ponderance, but hopefully beneath all this weight and silliness lies some good lyrics and intentions. Hopefully.

Amebix Arise LP

As if a soundtrack for an ultra-bizarre horror treat, AMEBIX scorches down with a deep, haunting sound while the guitar and bass churn out some cauldronistic spells of eerie havoc. Vocals are booming and strong, pushing with character, and Arise is superbly recorded and shows the improvement of the AMEBIX sound still as powerful as ever. One of the best of 1985. Get it!

Amebix No Sanctuary 12″

The AMEBIX are not a thrash band, but they’re not wimps either. Their music is a blend of tense drama and plodding seriousness that gives me a feeling of impending doom. With its great production, distinctiveness, and angst, I think this 12″ is the best thing they’ve ever done. “Progress” and the title song are exceptional tracks.

Amebix Winter / Beginning of the End 7″

The AMEBIX are currently sounding very much like early KILLING JOKE. Both of these songs are characterized by ultra-heavy bass-lines, echoing drums, and the sort of agonized singing that Jaz is famous for. Now that KILLING JOKE has wimped out, there’s more than enough room for cool cats like the AMEBIX. The cover unfolds into a nice poster.

Amebix Who’s the Enemy EP

Four songs—one hardcore shorty and three more post-punky sounds, none of which are lightweight at all. Very raw, choppy guitars, raspy vocals; slightly dissonant. Along with CHAOTIC DISCHORD, one of the few new UK bands to break the mold.