The Stupids


The Stupids Jesus Meets the Stupids LP

Tommy and Co. let loose with yet another excellent hardcore blast. Lots of production but lots of the basics as well, adding up to an A-1 release. Got a promo EP with mine, a white vinyl job that’s fun as well. Funny-ass cover art on the LP.

The Stupids Van Stupid LP

Well, the little skate geeks are back with another dose of U.S. hardcore a la U.K. Fueled on pure root beer, Tommy and company indulge in a few longer tunes this time, including a hilarious scratch song. Why go to L.A. when you can have the VANDALS meets D.I. in the UK?

The Stupids Peruvian Vacation LP

Can you dig a title derived of a stupid English punker’s desire to keep up with the hip MRR scene reports, but just being trendy? Yep, the STUPIDS stop at nothing to be bonkers, while the three-piece light the house on fire, then tell the firemen it was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN who went thrash. Fast, fast, faster, the STUPIDS punch it all through the wall with that superb sound.

The Stupids Violent Nun EP

Incredible thrash from the UK, without even a trace of the traditional UK sound. Sonic mayhem, quick and vibrant with great vocals and split second attacks, enough to be one of the best HC releases in ages. Packs the punches like the original Dischord releases did—it’s that insanely good. Stick on side A, “Elephant Man” scorches down the eight-song attack. Excellent!

The Stupids Leave Your Ears Behind cassette

A dozen very, very powerful and desperate thrash tunes out of the studio. These guys are “newcomers,” yet they deliver like old pros—tight, and with confidence. This band, among a few others, bodes well for Britain’s HC future.