Crude SS


Crude SS Who’ll Survive EP

Yeeeoowzza! This disc is a flailing sonic eruption! Fast teeth-gritting grinds of raw abrasive combustion with raunchy vocals that roar out in command. Sweden’s CRUDE SS storms six numbers so chaotic with a powerful raging beat that the power is the closest thing to actual destruction. One hot Swedish platter!

Crude SS Crude SS Demo Cassette

Throngs of grinding guitar intensity, distinctive disorderly grates echoing subcutaneous rips of emergent power. CRUDE SS defiantly blaze impetuous rawness, a sonic inferno of chaotic crunchers bolting forth storming drum booms and menacing guttural vocals. A brutal untamed force, unrestrained outrageous wailings of frantic guitar cavortion highlight this fierce arrangement that exhilarates to the maximum with a strong character of stimulating popularity. From Sweden this is rapidly delicious.