Blanco y Negro

The Jesus and Mary Chain Never Understand EP

Sadly, this pretty much proves that this band is over-hyped. While their first 7″ was promising, this record is fairly bland and sounds like “product” rush-released to take advantage of the “buzz” in England. The only really good song here is their cover of Vic Goddard’s “Ambition.”

The Jesus and Mary Chain You Trip Me Up / Just Out of Reach 7″

Scott says they sound like a cross between psychedelia and a trebly FLIPPER. Dogtowne says they’re pretentious pretenders to the VELVET UNDERGROUND’s second LP. Whatever, they do combine pop tunes with incredibly abrasive guitar noise and feedback to produce a highly listenable product.

The Jesus and Mary Chain Just Like Honey 12″

With the signing of JMC to a major comes a predictably toned-down sound. While the title song is cool in its pop way (they’ve discovered Phil Spector?), and “Head” is a fairly noisy tidbit, “Cracked” is way too tuneless and dirgelike, and the second version of the title track is way wimpy. There’s still some edge here, but it’s fading fast.