Lip Cream Kill Ugly Pop LP

As expected, this slab rips most intensely with wild fast blasts of excited energy and raging ferocity. A classic choice speedcore howler with growing vocals and an overall explosion of musical power. One of the ten best bands to come out of Japan that rips with every riff and eats away at your brain. A+ OK.

The Comes Power Never Die LP

Hallowed be the return of the COMES and orgasms does it create with splash ’n’ bash mayhem as the female singer twists buzzbomb of a sensation. Six tightly knit songs to grab down and charge up for an earful in flailing delight. Hot stuff that mixes well for both crowds.

The Loods Loud Machine 12″

A pic disc 12″ in a regular color cover, and the weirdness doesn’t stop there. There’s one “normal” punk tune, one change-of-pace thrasher, one BLURT-type raver, and then a bizarro mix of that same title song. Quite a treat.

The Pogo Hysteric Generation 12″

Let me guess—pop punk? Yup, five slow-medium tunes, one uptempo number. I can’t believe how many Japanese bands are going back to ’77 punk, but are showing no imagination or hindsight in how they regurgitate it.

The Willard Good Evening Wonderful Fiend LP

I think maybe I could handle this super-produced punk-derived rock if it weren’t for the singer. He plays it totally straight vocally, sounding real mainstream, and that puts me over the edge. Maybe LOU REED or DAMNED fans could get by, though. Comes with a three-song flexi.

V/A Rebel Brain Factory LP

A 50/50 proposition. OK tracks from LOODS, ZOLGE, and the POGO; losers from SISTER RAY (yet another band with, this name that doesn’t have a VELVETS sound at all), and IKARI; and hot stuff from ROSE ROSE.

V/A Captain Best Selection 1 LP

The Captain musta been drunk when he chose these, because it’s one weird combo of eccentric pop and a dollop of HC to top it off. On the punk side, there’s GOD, WILLARD, CONTINENTAL KIDS, LOODS, and LIP CREAM.