Catch Trout

Baby Opaque Fugue in Cow Minor LP

This defunct post-punk band had a knack for the slow, somber songs recalling the best from bands like the SLEEPERS and TOILING MIDGETS. This album relies on the plight of cattle, check the title, but still manages to keep things fresh and interesting throughout.

Happy Flowers Now We Are Six EP

This is the second release from this terrible duo resplendent with song titles like “Razors in My Apple,” “Daddy Melted,” and “The Vacuum Ate Timmy.” All are recorded live and have a sheer dimwitted glee of ugliness and howling fear. I loved it. File between FLIPPER live and the BUTTHOLES.

The Landlords Hey, It’s a Teenage House Party! LP

Virginia’s answer to ADRENALIN O.D. This is wild, crazy stuff that is abrasive and raw, yet still maintains an exhilarating power. Lyric content is sometimes hilarious to uproarious laughter. Then, there’s the serious side. Effective guitar work with good drum arrangements adds special punches along with a Keith Morris-vocal screaming that makes this entire 21-song LP a fun release. One of the better US releases of late from a new, up-and-coming band.