Mod Fun Dorothy’s Dream LP

This pop/psych band from Jersey always had the knack for going right up the edge of wimpiness without falling in. This has catchy harmonies, nice melodies, and lots of influences from the ’60s—namely ZOMBIES and early STONES. Nice second LP.

Mod Fun Mary Goes Round / Grounded 7″

MOD FUN opts for more of that poppish ’60’s neo-psych, with the only drawback being that a certain telltale wimpiness accompanies the accessibility. Cute background choruses, jangly guitars, not much passion… Okay, I guess.

V/A Don’t Adjust Your Set… There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Needle! LP

This sampler from the Cryptovision label goes to great pains to capture that trashy, one-take sound. The most successful at this are the DISTRACTION BOYS, MOD FUN, and STEPFORD HUSBANDS. The other groups have a more forced, contrived sound.