Funeral Oration Communion LP

The second tasty release from Holland’s FUNERAL ORATION. This one features guitarist extraordinaire Tos N., who adds some distinctive frills and textures to the band’s already shredding sound. Most of the material here combines HÜSKER DÜ-style instrumental density and vocals with the traditionally powerful Dutch thrash approach, and the results are stunning. Add to that a couple of plaintive ’60s-tinged cuts (like “Dayfall”), and you’ve got an LP that will be on your turntable a lot.

Gepøpel Paracide EP

GEPÁ˜PEL doesn’t beat around the bush; they beat the bush to death. Ultra-high energy thrash with virtuosic chord changes is this band’s stock-in-trade, and this eight-tracker consistently plumbs that style with skill. Easily up to the standards of the better Dutch outfits. In other words, first-rate.

Indirekt Nacht und Nebel EP

This exceptional Dutch band comes back with a four-track EP even more impressive with their fine debut album. Passionate female vocals, a biting guitar attack, punchy mid- to fast-tempo punk compositions with melody…what more could you ask for? Great lyrics, too. Buy this now.