Double A

Anti-Heroes …And The Government Laughs! EP

The package this band’s record comes in is actually a 36-page booklet, written in German, full of information on nukes, racism, censorship, etc. The songs are all mid-tempo punkers, most holding my interest. Obviously a committed band, definitely into it.

Billy and the Willies Life in Hotelrooms LP

A country-ish style slips into this album of accessible ditties, which is at its very best when an upbeat energy conjoins with solid power-chord punk. A few of the less disciplined and slower numbers miss the mark, but the rudiments of good songwriting with a great sense of humor make this band a potential contender.

V/A Wie Lange Noch… LP

An all-European comp LP with the bulk of the bands hailing from Germany. There’s quite a range of punk/hardcore styles evident, though the thrash from Holland’s PANDEMONIUM and Germany’s CIRCLE OF SIG TIU stand out for me. Other bands include ENOLA GAY, TIN CAN ARMY, WUT, A.N.A.L., EKLATANT, and France’s VERDUN. Comes with a thick magazine that leads me to believe that most of the songs are politically oriented.

V/A Oversea Connection LP

Don’t be put off by the cheesy cover, this LP don’t smell. Bands like FEAR ITSELF, DEPRESSION, A.P.P.L.E. TH’ INBRED, ATTITUDE, DEAD SILENCE, G.A.S.H., LIFE SENTENCE, PSYCHO and lots more add both live and studio tracks. A good selection of many punk styles.

V/A Smelling Just Another Bad Breath LP

For the most part, this international comp kicks out some classic fast-tempo punk and hardcore. With bands like the INSTIGATORS, DETONATORS, SONS OF SADISM, MOSKWA, and a dozen others, most will hear something enjoyable here. Good production, a well-rounded sampler.

Wut Kapitalismus LP

WUT cruise with a basic HC style that’s either slow or moderate in pace, but spurt outbreaks of unbelievable fast thrash to add power and interest. This band only connects during these moments of instrumental fury; the reggae and mid-tempo HC doesn’t hit the spot. Uneven.