Gore Hart Gore LP

This European equivalent of GONE—an all-instrumental band—claims to bridge the gap between hard rock and hard core. One such GO_E is enough (too much) for me, though this one does include a lyric sheet for their all-instrumental songs. Hmmmm.

Gore / Henry Rollins split LP

Hank and Co. pound out a half dozen bone-breakers, and then Holland’s GORE return the compliments with their monotonous post-metal instrumental sound. Lots of crunch on both sides, but there’s an oppressive feel to the whole slab, a tedium to the non-melodic attack.

LUL Inside Little Oral Annie LP

Borrowing from ealy punk influences, early ’80s UK post-punk, no wave, modern US hardcore, post-BUTTHOLES insanity and post-VICTIM’S FAMILY jazz, this combo rages. Fans of NOMEANSNO, KILLDOZER, etc, take note.

Oh’ Dev Don’t Push LP

Here’s the dark and virtually unknown underlings of hip, European, noise-punk. OH’ DEV’s second one is all right. Lots of the ol’ dissonant, psycho guitar with poetic spoken style vocals and lyrics of the disquieted character. But they’re upbeat enough of the time to demand a few listens and the title track is great.