Electric Eye

Four By Art Four By Art LP

A respectable start by this Italian neo-psych combo that leans heavily on harmonies and organ-based melodies. A nice little change, as most garage bands tend to be heavy on the guitar — that has a feeling more like QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS mixed with early SALVATION ARMY. Bears up to repeated listening.

Not Moving Movin’ Over EP

The second EP from NOT MOVING has a less experimental and more pronounced ’60s quality. It’s mainly the twangy guitar that gives it that effect, but the melodies, chord progressions, and some of the vocal emphases add to it. “Behind Your Pale Face” is the most rockin’ cut, “Double Mind” the most psychedelic. Evocative.

Pression X Pression X 12″

Not unlike an Italian MIRACLE WORKERS, this band has five mid-to-fast-speed garage psych punkers on this likable 12″. Nearly everything here is catchy but the snotty vocals and kinetic energy of “Out of Control” is definitely above the standard. Very good record.

The Sick Rose Faces LP

One of the better garage bands, the SICK ROSE had a single out a while back and like this LP, they’ve got the ’60s sound down but they also manage to throw in a taste of their own into the music so it’s not just an American ’60s sound, just influenced by it. Maybe somewhere between the CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND and THE SEEDS.