Anti-Scrunti Faction Damsels in Distress LP

ANTI-SCRUNTI FACTION champions the grunge-o-rama attack on their debut LP. The lyrics and punky spirit of this band go a long way, but the sameness of the songwriting detracts from the album’s ultimate impact. I’ll tell you one thing: if the whole album were as hot as “Suicide Note,” an impassioned thrasher, they’d have dynamite here.

Detox Detox LP

Sounds like a less thrashy and slightly more serious VANDALS. There’s lots of catchy punk songs with lots of humor or satire, plenty of melody, tight playing, and even tinges of country. Good but not startling.

Doggy Style Side by Side LP

This goofy SoCal band presents twelve rockin’ tunes, four previously released and eight brand new ones, which prove the strength that this band has to communicate a message, have lots of fun, and get away with being as goofy as possible. Music ranges from speed thrash to funk to bomping rock’n’roll, and the songs for the most part have catchy riffs and sing-alongs that stick in your head.

Doggy Style II LP

This is the version of DOGGY STYLE that contains the majority of the original members. While this record rocks, it doesn’t quite come across with the humor on first hearing. Musically, good but polished melodic fast punk. Artwork: amazing ripoff of LED ZEP II, sure to draw attention.

Iconoclast Prisoners of Existence EP

Quite a departure, at least as compared to the ICONOCLAST demo of a while back. Only one of the tunes is ripping thrash, and the other two explore more melodic/poppy and abrasive post-punk fields, which they accomplish to varying degrees. Adventurous.

M.I.A. After the Fact LP

One this album, M.I.A. adopts more of a SoCal melodic punk approach (which is good), but grafts it onto the slick style of their last LP. “Beautiful World” is strong, and their cover of “California Dreaming” engaging, but this LP is not up to the standard of what used to be one of the best bands going.

Vicious Circle / Perdition split LP

A domestic release of two Australian powerhouse HC hands. Half of the VICIOUS CIRCLE material appeared on their Aussie 7″, while two of PERDITION’s eight tracks showed up on their 7″. Well worth picking up, this LP can only help further interest and ties between these two continents, and you’ll get some fine sides for your money, as well.

V/A Flipside Vinyl Fanzine, Vol. 2 LP

While most of these tracks fall into the category of “good; but weak production,” you still get some pretty rippin’ tunes from MIA, DECRY, ROACH MOTEL, and DISORDERLY CONDUCT. The tracks from NAKED RAYGUN, OUTPATIENTS. and D.I. are very hot. Special live recordings from the MISFITS, JFA, and the GERMS. Cool poster included, too.

V/A U-Boats Attack America!!! LP

This American release showcases the greatest hits, as it were, of the German Weird System label. BLUT & EISEN, NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES, RAZZIA, CRETINS, and others serve up a series of blistering HC and punk cuts mandatory for those who don’t have the original German recordings. Excellent, varied sampler.

V/A Flipside Tunes: Vinyl Fanzine Number Three LP

Big names are on this effort (7 SECONDS, ADOLESCENTS, CIRCLE JERKS, the BRIGADE, M.I.A., S.N.F.U., DOGGY STYLE, TESCO VEE & WHITE FLAG, C.O.C.) as well as medium names (LITTLE GENTLEMEN, VATICAN COMMANDOS, MAD PARADE, SLAPSHOT, 76% UNCERTAIN, LEMONHEADS, SHONEN KNIFE) and the newer names (BULIMIA BANQUET, PROBLEM CHILDREN, COPULATION). Tunes are both live and studio, of varying sound quality. Interesting notes: what does it mean when the BRIGADE rocks more than 7 SECONDS?