Eugene Chadbourne Country Protest LP

Yet another release from this man among persons. This isn’t unlike so many other recent releases. Lots of goofy cover songs, done Á  la carte or in medley, straight or crooked. Plus spoken word, original psychoticness, folk protest songs, and country pickin’. Oh, Eugene…

Eugene Chadbourne Corpses of Foreign War LP

Here Eugene is joined by two members of VIOLENT FEMMES and the outcome is extra good pickin’ and the same strictly CHADBOURNE twisted folk protest songs. All classic, no fan disappointed, all lyrics hitting their mark, and lots of good clean fun.

Eugene Chadbourne LSDC&W: The History of the Chadbournes in America 2xLP

“I’ll take my Chadbourne and make it a double.” Four sides as crazed and priceless as always. From goofy Martin Mull-ish “In A Sentimental Mood” to BEATLES, BURL IVES, ROGER MILLER psych-out medleys. These records feature bits and pieces of other tapes and even early lost SHOCKABILLY material. There’s the regular dose of insightful, folksy guitar — diddling, singalongs, psychedelia, and political prowess.

Executive Slacks You Can’t Hum When You’re Dead LP

If you’re missing those early KILLING JOKE days, then here’s a great record for you. Side one has that hard rhythm and intensity that KILLING JOKE used to play and don’t anymore. The flip, though, is a little spoiled with whiny vocals and electronics that are OK but not as interesting as most industrial bands and not hard enough to be dub style. Recommended for side one.

Executive Slacks Fire & Ice LP

Every time these guys put out a record, which is quite regularly now, I really want to hate them. If I describe the mix of Euro-pop with electronic dance beats, it makes them sound awful and for the most part they are. But they also managed enough dementia, recording strangeness, and catchy pop numbers to be likeable.

Shockabilly Vietnam LP

Another one from the SHOCK-heads! These guys are to music what Hershel Gordon Lewis is to gore: cheap and great. Besides the fuzzed-out spazz cover of “Born of the Bayou,” we get treated to a wonderful cover of “Nicaragua” sung by Ed Sanders. The best thing is the poster inside that chronicles their last tour of the US and Canada that’s so strange you’d think they were making it up.

Shockabilly Heaven LP

Still cranking it out, as morose, apocalyptic, and truly psychedelic as always. Superb production with some covers, some of Chadbourne’s demented ballads, and lots of over-the-edge wildness. God damn, these guys are godhead, and Heaven is as great if not better than ever.

Xmal Deutschland Sequenz 12″

This three-tracker calls to mind JuJu-period SIOUXSIE, and they do a commendable job with this moody, new wave material. I expected to dislike this immensely, but the B-side, “Polarlicht” in particular, is undisputedly first-rate post-punk—completely unique and memorable.